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Time Stamp

The Time Stamp is the date and time the record was read from the weather station's sensors. This time displayed is Central Standard Time.


The temperature displayed in degrees Fahrenheit.

Wind Direction

The direction in ordinal degrees where 0° = North, 90° = East, 180° = South, and 270° = West.

Standard Deviation

The standard deviation of the wind direction from the previous reading.

Wind Speed

The wind speed displayed in miles per hour.

Wind Gust

The highest wind speed since the previous reading.

Relative Humidity

The percentage of humidity in the air.

Dew Point

The dew point displayed in degrees Fahrenheit.

1-hr Precip

The amount of precipitation in the last hour.

24-hr Precip

The amount of precipitation that has fallen in the 24-hour period beginning at midnight of the day of the current record.

Solar Radiation

The amount of solar radiation displayed in watts per square meter.

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